the internet...

...it still exists! i naturally assumed in my absence it would just decay and wither in the ether, unable to cope with the loss of one of it's many billion unnecessary bloggers. but i have returned, to resuscitate it from its lifeless stupor and make it somewhat readable.
after my computer started to fail to do the most basic of tasks (start up Windows) i had to get the whole thing gutted and stuffed again. and it's in brand spanking new working order - at least it is until all the programs i willingly download then never use (Google Earth? wtf) clog its pores and it goes catatonic again. until that day, i'm going to try and post as many entries as i can, hopefully at a more regular rate than last year.
it's been almost two and a half months since my last post, the first half of a year-end list of things that i dug the most. i'll not be continuing with that, as it's now march - and my ears, eyes and brain are so oversaturated with new media that to dwell even further on 2008 would be counterproductive, and probably cause some kind of tumor. look out for posts over the next couple of days on new music i'm obsessing over, and a mixtape or two of some old favourites. i'll still be posting my photography from the past couple of months when i get the chance - if you can't wait 'til then (who can?) then here is my flickr link - http://www.flickr.com/photos/_washingmachine/
it's good to be back, i suppose.

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