mix #2 - one very important thought

1. ESG - Moody
2. Aphex Twin - Bbydhyonchord
3. Benga - Night
4. Actress - Ivy May Gilpin
5. Gui Boratto - Chromophobia
6. Boards of Canada - Amo Bishop Roden
7. Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk on the Moon
8. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
9. Banjo or Freakout - I and Always
10. Lukid - Chord
11. Leila - Daisies, Cats and Spacemen (feat. Roya Arab)
12. The Avalanches - Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life
13. J Dilla - Lightworks
14. Dusk + Blackdown - Con/Fusion feat. Farrah
15. El Guincho - Kalise
16. Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack (Martyn's Heart Beat Mix)
17. Animal Collective - Brother Sport

all the other mixes i've posted on this blog have revolved around the ambient side of things - hazy, distant tunes drowned in noise and sad human voices - but recently i've been going mad for skewed samples, heavy drums and low bass. this mix represents a collection of the warped pop and laid-back electronica i've always had a taste for, but throws it in the ring with heavy dubstep and minimal techno.
i was originally going for a tribute to the summer, all bliss'd out beats and sunny melodies. but when the hissy IDM and cut-up hip-hop started to come in, i was afraid i'd lose that vibe altogether - so i've included my recent feel-good hits of the summer (El Guincho, Animal Collective), and after seeing how well they sync up with Martyn and Dusk + Blackdown, i think my fears were unfounded. i guess including the rain-and-clouds from musicians like Actress and Lukid makes it more representitve of a Scottish summer anyway. not every day is a sunny one.
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mount kimbie

just to kick things off with a nice little bit of journalese hyperbole to get yr teeth gnashin, this 12" record from Peckham, London's Mount Kimbie, called Maybes, is without a doubt one of the best debut releases i've heard in a long time.
the four tracks found here reach inside to grab you, tickle yr trout until yr eyes are rolling in the back of your head, and when all thats left is the sound of the locked groove at the end of the side, casts you out onto the nearest dry land.
try taking all the underwater city ambience of Burial and The Fun Years, throw in some looping riffs in the style of Tortoise or Portishead, and rattle it all out over some wonky SamiYam beats - this just goes some of the way to pinning down their indefinable sonance. in fact, Boomkat had to go out of their way to coin a new genre to umbrellafy these guys: "post-dubstep". try explaining that one to your parents when it appears on the front of Mojo in a week.

mp3: Mount Kimbie - "Maybes"