apple o'

this is a set of digital photographs taken to test the timing, available lighting and suitable shutter speeds in my kitchen... as part of a film project exploring the freezing and blurring of movement.
the kitchen's not the ideal environment to be doing my first shots for this project, but i haven't been best prepared for anything recently and i don't have much of a choice! i'll be developing the film tomorrow so hopefully i'll get some prints up before the end of the week. if they never materialise then you'll trust they came out terrible.

i decided to do these shots involving apples frozen in mid-air in reference to Magritte's apple themed paintings (The Son of Man, The Listening Room, and This is not an Apple) - plus they're yummy. for the pictures that emphasise movement with blur, i've thought about exploring something with birds - but Man in the Bowler Hat is something i'll leave to the surrealists.
check out the irrefutable evidence of scary skeletal hands in that last pic. who needs halloween costumes with digits like that?

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