birchville cat motel

every blog has a first post! may as well hit the ground running, with a one-man noise project that's so hip, so current, so earth-shatteringly NOW... that as of October 9th 2008, they will cease to exist. catch him while you can. if you live in Australia or New Zealand.
i've only just this week heard the skull rattlingly lovely LP Four Freckle Constellation from Wellington's Birchville Cat Motel (just one of the many banners this Campbell Kneale guy operates under), and upon looking up MySpace for some info on this complete non-entity, i discover he's "splitting up" after a four date tour of Australia and New Zealand in October. what timing!
the dude's also more prolific than Bradford Cox after a night of Red Bull and eight balls. while the world (well, me) hasn't been listening, he's chalked up innumerable releases on different labels in different countries, including collaborations with Lee Ranaldo and, another band who are gettin' while it's good, Yellow Swans. with music this loud, distorted and nigh on impenetrable, it's little wonder he's spent however many years recording and touring the world in relative obscurity. but the flipside to that harsh drone is a hypnotic, sweet blissful void, lulling you to sleep before it invades yr nightmares. it reminds one of recent exploits from Bristol's Fuck Buttons (albeit in a slightly less palatable format), and is even more reminiscent of all the Portland, OR noise crews who've been toiling in this particular musical field since the early 90's.
if you dig all that, or just want yr head to feel like it's burning up on re-entry, check out this 6 track LP from Conspiracy Records out of Belgium, or check his MySpace for info on internet-only releases.
meanwhile, here's an mp3 of the title track from the offending album...
Birchville Cat Motel - Four Freckle Constellation

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